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The former head of the Aes Sedai, Siuan was a woman to be taken seriously. Pretty, but not quite beautiful, she is possessed of a brilliant mind and a willpower to match.

Siuan Sanche, version 1. base game hair (?). Some slider mods used.

Description taken from, edited by me:

Siuan Sanche (pronounced: SWAHN SAHN-chay) is and was an Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah. She was born in Tear and grew up a fisherwoman before being orphaned. Born with the Spark, she was sent to Tar Valon as soon as her ability was discovered. She is said to have an earthy, almost vulgar way of speaking. After being raised to the Shawl, she became the head of the Blue Ajah eyes-and-ears, and later became the Amyrlin Seat. She was deposed by Elaide do Avriny a'Roihan, stilled, and imprisioned until Min set her free. Her first Warder, Alric, was murdered during the coup, and she later became bonded (as well as married) to Gareth Bryne. She has also been known to go by the alias "Suki". Once considered strong in the Power, her ability was diminished after being healed from her Stilling. she has the talent of being able to see Ta'veren. She has a fondness for pranks and practical jokes.

Siuan is nearly a hand taller than Moiraine Damodred and is pretty, if not quite beautiful, with blue eyes, a delicate mouth, fair skin and dark glossy hair that reaches her shoulders.


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