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Nynaeve al'Meara... so much to say about this character. This is my Sims 3 version, not too sure about the hair but at the time I hadn't found anything better. I use this sim as my profile picture both here and on the Sims 3 Exchange.

Nynaeve al'Meara, version 1. Newsea hair.

Description taken from, edited by me:

Nynaeve al'Meara (married name: el'Nynaeve ti al'Meara Mandragoran -"el" being the Malkieri honorific given to the Queens of Malkier, as the wife of al'Lan Mandragoran, the Uncrowned King of Malkier, she is entitled to this honorific) is an Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah, and is of considerable strength in the One Power, thought to be one of the strongest channelers born in the last 1000 years. Her strength rivals that of the Forsaken Moghedian even before reaching her full potential, and would have been considered strong in the Power even during the Age of Legends. She is the strongest of the Aes Sedai in the current age, able to channel all five elements with equal proficiency.

Formerly the Wisdom from Emond's Field in the Two Rivers area of Andor, she was born to a father who hearded sheep and grew tabac, and a farmwife named Elnore. Her father thought of her as the son he never had and taughter her to track, hunt and fish. Unlike fellow tomboy Min, Nynaeve later integrated femininity in her adulthood. Orphaned at the age of fourteen, she was apprenticed to Doral Barran, the Wisdom of Emond's Field shortly afterward. She is several years older than the rest of the Emond's Field group who left after Winternight following the arrival of Moiraine Sedai and her Warder Lan Mandragoran.

Her talents include great Healing abilities (including discovering the ability to Heal Severing, Heal the taint from male Channelers, identify and unweave Compulsion, and Healing using all five elements), as well as predicting the weather and can "read" ter'angreal similar to how Aviendha does. She is stubborn and has a forceful personality, and she struggles with often opposing contradictory opinions. She also has quite a temper, often pulling her braid to vent her anger. She is also very courageous (although at times she doesn't seem to realize how brave she really is).

Nynaeve is described as having dark eyes and a long dark braid (although after her ordeal in the Oval Ring her hair is much shorter), and is relatively short and slim. She is said to be very pretty, even beautiful. She favors blue or green outfits, although she wears yellow to formally show her Ajah affiliation. After her marriage to al'Lan Mandragoran, she wears a Malkieri ki'sain (red dot) in the center of her forehead. She wears a bracelet and connected rings angreal (known as a Paralis-net) as well as several ter'angreal rings and bracelets, and a jeweled belt Well.
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