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Saturday, September 19th, 2037 10:04 am
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Thanks for stopping by my journal! Here's a little bit about what you may find here on my little piece of the Dreamwidth pie... First off, a little word of warning:

I'm a slow journalist/blogger/poster... so this may not be updated nearly as often as I secretly would like. Call me a procrastinator. Yeah, yeah, whatever makes you feel better. I'll eventually get around to updating, adding new information/items, etc. I spend most of my time on the internet lurking about on Garden of Shadows or poking around on the multitude of personal Sims 2 (and Sims 3 now!) LJ/DW sites checking for various goodies I might like to see in my game, when i'm not actually playing Sims or one of the other games I enjoy.

What you may find here:

Basically, I'll post pictures here of the things I create for my sims game. I'm fairly limited in what I can do, so you'll mostly see genetics (skintones and eye colours), walls and floors. I have a very basic skill level at recolouring/texturing hair or objects, so you may not ever see any pics of my pathetic attempts to make pretty shiny new stuff for my deprived simmies from those two categories.

You ~may~ at some point in time see simmies in otherwise compromising situations in any screenshots thanks to ACR having a STRONG foothold in my game and turning my neighborhoods into teeming masses of horny bunny-like beings instead of  decent, respectable sims. If the pictoral depictions or implications of simulated naughtiness and animated innuendo offend you... well.. you don't have to look. 
What you will NOT find:

I am not an object mesher nor am I a coder/programmer/engineer so you won't see any new object meshes or actual game-changing mods created by me. Also, I don't have anything offered up for download at this time. However, if you are browsing the journal and you come across something you feel you'd just ~really~ love to have, drop me a message and I'll see about sending it over to you.

Everything I make is for my own personal use in game. I don't post anything on any paysites, the Exchange, TSR, Craigslist, whatever... nor will I. I give credit where due to any creators who's bits and pieces I may have borrowed/mutilated... if you see something of yours and I haven't credited it, feel free to message me to let me know and I will credit back asap. But be flattered! If i've borrowed from it, it's because I love it!  

Please respect me and those creators who's bits I may have procured and if you DO decide you would like something I've created/adjusted, please don't repost those items as your own.


A few notes about my game:
I don't do "barbie". My skins are all proper for both males and females, all nipples where they belong and the kibbles n bits provided through a mod. I dislike photorealistic items and photoskinned sims. To that end, I prefer "Maxis-Match-ish". It's a game, not real life... if I wanted ~my couch~ in my game... I'd take a picture of it and paste it in myself. I do like a bit more than the bland colors and textures that came with the game itself, and I love it when I find something that is nicely done enough to blend in but look ~better~ without breaking the "game" aesthetics. Because, let's face it... alot of the things EA/Maxis put out with the game make you want to poke your eyes out with something sharp...  or at the very least pour yourself a stiff drink before you fire up the game. Thank the heavens for content hider mods!

My Sims 2 skintones and eyes are all geneticized and townified. I love variety in my game! Any custom hairs *must* have Pooklet retextures/colors..  not because I don't like any other creater's works (Liegenshonheit and Nouk's textures are very pretty!) but I prefer how Pooklet's look.. plus it adds to the uniformity of my game. Her textures fit in nicely for me. Almighty Hat / [personal profile] hat_plays_sims does some wonderful Pooklet'd hair recolors/retextures which I have to admit I am a bit in love with (well, that goes for just about anything she creates). 

I enjoy a liberal dose of modding to flavor my gameplay (ACR, Inteen, various camera/lighting/aging mods, default replacements, etc), so at some time I will set up a list of all my game adjustments with credit to the wonderful people who have made the sims infinitely more enjoyable with their tweaks. Thanks!  =)

In regards to my Sims 3 setup, I am a big fan of Twallen's mod suite and use it extensively. I favor hair retextures that use Pooklet's textures, and I use color ramp replacements as I dislike the rainbow skincolors.


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