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Versions 1 & 2. Minor differences, mostly in the nose and forward profile, and a little in the eyes...

Elayne Trakand, version 1. Newsea hair. Elayne Trakand, version 2. Newsea hair. Some slider mods used.

Description taken from, edited by me:

Elayne Trakand, by the Grace of the Light, Queen of Andor, Defender of the Realm, Protector of the People, High Seat of House Trakand, is the current queen of Andor and also lays claim to the Sun Throne of Cairhein. She is an Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah and of considerable strength in the One Power, thought to be one of the most powerful channelers to have been born in the last 1000 years. She has helped to rediscover the ability to create ter'angreal, demonstrates strength in both Earth and Fire, and is a skilled Cloud Dancer thanks to training with Sea Fold Windfinders. Elayne is Bonded to Birgitte Silverbow and Rand al'Thor, the latter of whom is her lover. She will soon bear his twins.

Acknowledged to be potentially one of the greatest Queens of Andor since its founding, she has shown intellect, delicacy and diplomacy in her doings and is an accomplished player at Daes Dae'mar.

Elayne is described as exceedingly beautiful, with blue eyes like sapphires and red-gold, curly hair. With a smooth-skinned, perfectly oval face, Elayne can charm many with her pretty, dimpled smile with full red lips. She stands around one span, six inches tall with long supple limbs.
She bears a resemblance both in name and appearance to Ilyena, the doomed wife of Lews Therin Telamon from the Age of Legends.

The youngest child and only daughter of Queen Morgase Trakand of Andor, Elayne grew up in the Royal Palace in Caemlyn. She was Heir Apparent throughout her childhood, bearing the title of Daughter-Heir, as only women traditionally hold the Lion Throne of Andor. She and her older brother Gawyn Trakand were fathered by Taringail Damodred, as was her half brother Galededrid Damodred.
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