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So as of right now I have two versions of Faile in my folder. The first one I did without any slider mods, and the second try I used a few. Neither one of them is really quite what I envision when I think of Faile- her character description begets an image that is very difficult to properly capture- but I'm leaning more towards version 2. It seems a bit "cleaner" to me, a little more towards what I see in my mind from the books. Maybe I'll feel better about the second one when I find her a more appropriate hair. Pictures are below the cut (same size pics as previous ones).

Faile Bashere, version 1. Pets expansion hair. Faile Bashere, version 2. Base game hair (?). Some slider mods used.

Description taken from, edited by me:

Zarine ni Bashere t'Aybara, commonly known as Faile (Old Tongue: Falcon, pronounced "fa-YEEL") is a young woman from the Saldaea region of the Westlands.

She has black hair falling to her shoulders, and a bold nose and generous mouth. She has high cheekbones, slightly tilted dark eyes, and is tall and slim with a high voice and a flat way of speaking. According to Perrin, she has an herbal scent.

She is the eldest daughter of Davram t'Ghaline Bashere (Lord of Bashere, Tyr and Sidona; titled Guardian of the Blightborder, Defender of the Heartland and Marshall-General to Queen Tenobia of Saldaea) and Deira ni Ghaline t'Bashere, as well as wife to Perrin Aybara. After both of her older brothers died (one in a riding accident and the other fighting Trollocs) she was schooled in the running of the Bashere family estates. As a young girl, Zarine convinced her footman to teach her how to use knives and hand-to-hand combat because women in Saldaea were not allowed to learn the sword. Unhappy with this situation, she left to take the oath as a Hunter for the Horn, whereupon she assumed the name Mandarb, though she quickly changed it to Faile when she found out that Mandarb was the name of Lan's horse.


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