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Sims 3 Resource List

I didn't get around to doing this previously with Sims 2, so I decided I had better get this posted before I got much further in Sims 3. These are the custom content items I am currently using in my game:

DEFAULT Replacement Genetics

Skins: Lady FrontBum - Busty St. Clair (adult female body)
                                     - Silk (adult female face)
                                     - Naughty (adult male face & body)
                                     - Jack and Jill (child face & body)
                                     - Ladybug (toddler face & body)

Eyes: Escand - Oh my (find @ Mod the Sims)

Non-Default Genetics

Hair: Newsea (TSR, but available @ the Booty)
        EA Store

Clothing: (working on this one...)

MODS and Extras:

NRAAS Industries (gotta love Twallen's mods!)

SIMS 3 Sites I Frequent for Content:

Garden of Shadows
Mod the Sims
PMBD (whaa???  oh yeah!)
*Just as a note: I'm having trouble getting my links to stay, so for now I'm not linking the sites directly... I'll fix this when I have more patience for it.