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Beautiful Disaster default swatch

Yes, a beautiful disaster they are. So far this set is small, the basic S1-S4 replacements as well as Supernaturals (alien, vampire, plantsim, zombie and genie). Not too happy with the zombie set as I can't seem to decide just how it should look, so I may end up redoing that one. Also the alien tone... not the usual green, but I'm just not sure if I want to leave it as it is, or add some embellishments (spots, tattoos, other markings, whatever).The textures are a bit softer than alot of maxis match skins out there, as I really like the "soft" look instead of crunchy, pixellated textures. I pilfered parts from some other beautiful skins and blended them onto a selected S2 base, and then finetuned here and there until I was happy. These skins are not barbie (sorry if that bothers you, but even pixel people need proper parts!) and therefore probably not child-friendly. The females have nipples and... well, you get the idea. I left the male's lower halves clean because I utilize a mod to provide for the boys' stuff. There are individual textures for all fit/fat/normal states for each gender and age, and the elders do get a bit lighter tones (just not as much a jump as Maxis originals). The teeth textures are my edits of Rensim's lovely teeth, softened and lightened a bit to be less realistic and more maxis. The eye texture you see is my "Chasm" from my Karma eyeset.

And now for the pic-spam! (Apologies in advance, I intended on making a set of beautiful, matching pics for you to enjoy but I got distracted and thus the pretty never came about. Have some boring instead):

S1-S4, Ashes, Atlantean
Left to right: Ashes (my vampire-y tone), Atlantean, S1, S2, S3, S4

Skintone 1
Skintone 2
Skintone 3
Skintone 4

Credit for these skins goes to maxis, Ninika (the lips (oh the lips!), the collarbones, her skins were pretty much my entire base), myself, Rensim, and I'm sure there are others but my brain is failing me at the moment. Come to think about it, you could probably say these are my edits of Ninika's maxis match skintone 2 hehe.


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