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Sunday, May 1st, 2011 09:16 am
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These are a soft blend eye with very low highlights and simple catchlights (my version of a "maxis match" eyeset).

KARMA eyes Defaults

I love Sarhra's eyeset (and most of the expanded versions like Kinemortophobia's Easy/Lucky/Free, Lionspau's Wild Eyed, etc.) but it just didn't quite fit what I wanted. Same as Tea Leaf's "Plain and Simple" eyes- very nice but not quite... me. I knew I didn't want to stick with my edits of Yumedust's "Eyelove" set anymore (which I have used as defaults since forever) as I was wanting something more maxis-y. So I played around in PS, painting, blending, and smearing until I came up with a base texture I was happy with and went from there. Waffled for a bit on what sclera to use, but as I love the funky faces sims pull but despise overshadowing on the eyeballs, I ended up going with a Maxis sclera. For animation purposes, ya know. As of right now there's upwards of 30+ eyes. Unfortunately, there's a good chance there will be more coming. >.<

Preview Karma Eyes

I know the preview picture kinda sucks, everything is just lumped in there without real regard to color grouping. Well, TBH I originally started trying to group the colors together as I was setting the picture up, but then I got lazy and just wanted to finish the stupid thing without letting myself take forever.

*Edit* So roughly 15 or so more colors have spawned out of this eyeset, and so I will be posting new, updated pictures with the additional colors. Maybe I will get inspired and do a proper grouping. Maybe.

I named this eyeset Karma (what goes around comes around, do unto others as you'll reap tenfold your actions, what you do comes back to you, yadda yadda). Not entirely sure why, other than I believe in Karma and for some reason karma was rattling around my head when I was at work the other day. Go figure.


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