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verĂ°andi ([personal profile] verdandi) wrote2011-05-01 09:09 am
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Karma and Beautiful Disaster (Eyes and Skins)

I have several sets of skins and eyes that I made forever ago sitting in my downloads folder. I had plenty of skins already, but I was constantly finding skinsets from other creators that I admired, and then reworking mine to incorporate the features I wanted. Same with the eyes. As a result, my downloads folder was absolutely bursting with the sheer amount of skin and eye genetics crammed in there. From maxis match to semi-realistic (except neon. Good lord neon skins scare me!), I had them all. With my personal blends sandwiched in there amongst it all.

Recently, I was taking a look at all the goodies I have and realized that those skins and eyes just didn't quite live up to what I like now. They were great when I first made them, and they've performed admirably in helping along my sims' genetics, but they just needed something... more. Or less. Some of the textures were a bit crunchy compared to what is out there these days, so I decided to clean them up and prune out what I don't really need/want/use. Cleaning them up resulted in more of a "wipe the slate clean and start over from scratch" approach. /sigh

Karma eyeset

KARMA eyes Defaults 

Beautiful Disaster skinset
Beautiful Disaster default swatch 

Edit: Some of my pictures failed to upload properly to my journal, so I will post them when I can get it working again. Sorry!